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Fournier EPT Casino Gambling Cards Poker

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Size Poker Size Original Spain
Color Red / Blue Material 100% Plastic
Deck 2 Jumbo Index
Markings Infrared Ink Deck, The Code Marked Deck

There is always a poker that meets your requirements, such as Fournier EPT casino gambling cards poker.

EPT is one of the most popular pokers in the Fournier series. It has good quality and very high security and available for private parties or regular poker tournaments. And our company can make a perfect mark on Fournier EPT, making it become a helper as the casino gambling cards poker. First, we will import the fine Fournier EPT cards made in Spain, and then use the unique printer and the invisible ink developed by ourselves, marking the suit and number of the card on the back of it. These markings are only cheating poker sunglasses or invisible ink contact lenses can see.

What are the benefits of using Fournier EPT casino gambling cards poker? First, this deck has an excellent feel. Have you ever been upset by the bad feel of playing cards? Fournier Poker is made of 100% plastic, which is waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, elastic, and has a long life. This means that Fournier EPT gambling cheating cards can maintain its original performance no matter how you use it and how long it is used, giving users a comfortable feeling. Second, Fournier EPT casino cheat playing cards can give you a sense of security. Our marking is always safe, it would not be easily exposed, unless you wearing infrared glasses to see it; it also not be easily blurred. Our marking cards have always been known for good quality.

One deck Fournier EPT casino gambling cards poker includes 55 cards, of which 52 are ordinary cards + 2 jokers + 1 guarantee card. Generally, EPT mark cards are standard size and jumbo index. Please contact us if our products appeal to you.

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