CVK Poker Analyzer Device for Gambling Cheat
CVK Gambling Cheat Poker Analyzer Device

CVK Poker Analyzer Device for Gambling Cheat

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Brand CVK Scanning Distance 20-40 CM, 25-45 CM
Color White, Black Signal Frequency Wireless 2.37G, Wireless 2.57G
Game Quantity 3 Application Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games

As a professional marked card player, you must know there are different brands of poker analyzer devices on the market, but what the difference between them? No matter which brand of poker analyzer, they have special features to meet your requirements. For example, CVK gambling cheat poker analyzer device has quite fast speed to read marked cards when you keep cards within available scanning distance. Compared with the CVK poker analyzer system, the AKK analyzer with special features as it can use to predict two decks of cards when they mix.

As for the CVK poker analyzer device, here is another feature which attracted many players, its fashionable phone model meets the public aesthetic need at a different time mode. The CVK poker analyzer system, which matches in iPhone X model and its slim body, does not affect its good usability. The latest model is CVK 600, CVK 680.

How can we get information from the CVK poker analyzer device for gambling cheat? Usually, we will use a mini earpieces to receive the result from the phone. However, if you think it is not concealed enough, is there other options you can choose? Time mode would be a nice choice! For example, when your phone shows the time as 14:05:04 when analyzer works. That means position 5 is the first winner, and position 4 is the second winner. It is easier. By the way, there is a vibrator that can connect the poker card analyzer. If it shakes four times, the fourth player is the best winner. Therefore, don't worry about it, CVK poker analyzer is is not hard to operate it.

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